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Our Premiere Picnic Offering
'Southern Chic'

Take a quick behind the scenes look at our setup process as well the end results of our 'Southern Chic' Pop-up Picnic Package. 

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AIR PATIO Presents 
'Lavish Love'

Take a quick behind the scenes look at our setup process as well the end results of our 'Lavish Love' Pop-up Picnic Package.
'Lavish Love' Package ($200)  Includes: Drink cart (small for 2), complimentary floral centerpiece, dessert or cheese board. A tent rental can be included in this package for an additional $50, and a Sonos Speaker ($50 refundable deposit).

Introducing Air Patio’s ‘Southern Chic’ pop-up picnic package! A simply elegant, Southern-style picnic ready whenever and wherever you wanna be! This particular pop-up picnic was set in Nelson Park in Abilene, Texas. Nearby you’ll find a wonderful park, a pond full of local wildlife and the Abilene Zoo is right beyond the tree line! With so many places nearby to enjoy the outdoors Nelson Park has become a staple location in our growing repertoire of gorgeous locales perfect for picnicking.

Personalized, Luxury Picnic?

Gosia Melton.


Living now in Abilene TX twice I am glad I am back here with my family and pushing forward through a time when nothing was for sure in this world.

But it’s the dreamers/doers that push forward and I am doing just that starting my business with a passion that I have inside of me.

Events have always been a big thing in my life so I’m bringing my desire out to make events happen for others whether you have no time, no clue or just want to make your day less hectic let me make your event one to remember and share!

The problem is never “Oh there is just no time” yes time is a major factor but more of an “excuse” for work that needs to be done in that time! Isn’t this why we go out to restaurants to bypass the work that comes alone with making a meal (the prep and clean up).

As I grew into my business, I look back to all the times I have struggled to get my family get togethers organized and a lot of it was RUSH RUSH, talk talk, eat eat, clean clean, and pass out lol. I was happy with it at the end and would did do it again, but I had wished so badly I just had some help. Enjoying the party is what it’s all about so let me take you off your feet and kick back and enjoy.

AirPatio Events introducing
Entertainment and Celebration Anywhere!

The idea has been around in my mind for years and it’s so exciting to finally have this company up and running and my dream coming true. My company will have your event hosted from start to finish no cleaning hassles. I loved throwing parties for my kids or for holidays but the hassle with guests, food, events, and entertainment I just wished I could enjoy my idea not toil over it… Sound familiar? Well, I am that person for you, let me make it easier, more fun, and best of all let you enjoy the memories.

I also have gone to a few Mary Kay gatherings, and it was always so strange for me sitting on someone’s couch not knowing everyone and then having my face cleaned in a kitchen sink… NOT FUN! So let me tell you! Let me set up the best event that will bring profit just by the ease and enjoyment I can bring to the environment. Love date night? Safe friendly place you can spend without the world’s distraction, anywhere or is you love distraction let me set it up downtown and all you must do is enjoy each other’s company.

I will also be running events from my property if a party/event space is needed with music, games, covered patio space. AirPatio is here to keep the fun going and to get together with your people! SO, LETS GET THE PARTY STARTED!

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