Terms of Service (TOS)

The following terminology applies to this Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and any or all Agreements: “Client” refers to you, the individual accessing this contract and accepting AirPatio Events Terms of Service.


AirPatio Events designs and creates luxury picnic experiences and accommodations at locations in and around Abilene, Texas (10 mile radius to HQ address/79606). “Client” understands and acknowledges that information listed in this contract related to each picnic experience (descriptions and photographs) are for informational purposes only and therefore not guaranteed to look the exact way they are shown online. Each picnic experience will be different and the locations used in connection with the picnics may employ their own rules and/or conditions with which the “Client” must comply. “Client” understands and acknowledges complete oversight over yourself, guests, and property throughout participation in any picnic related activities and as such releases AirPatio Events from all liability related to activities that are wholly within the control of the “Client”. 

“Client” understands and acknowledges that due to circumstances beyond our control, AirPatio Events may be required to change vendors; if such a change results in a material change to the nature or type of food or rental items included in a picnic experience purchased, AirPatio Events will notify the “Client” promptly of the substituted  food/items. In the event that such substituted items are not acceptable to the “Client” for any reason, the “Client” may not obtain a refund for purchase, but may schedule a different, comparable picnic experience at the sole discretion and approval of AirPatio Events. 


Upon reading and agreeing to this contract, the “Client” agrees to pay a non-refundable  charge of $25.00 (USD) to secure the picnic date and time. A picnic for two (2) people for a duration of one and a half (1.5) hours. Any additional guest is $30.00 (USD) per guest for up to six (6) guests total. Adding additional time (+30 min or +60 min) can only be done at time of reservation for a set fee. Should you require a picnic experience for more than six (6) guests and/or longer than two and a half (2.5) hours please contact [email protected]. Any external food pickup requests requires prepayment in full at the time of the signed agreement. 

Add-ons may be requested until seven (7) days before the picnic date. All payments must be made seven (7) days prior to the event or your booking may be relinquished. 

In the event the “Client” fails to remit payment as specified, AirPatio Events shall have the right to immediately terminate this agreement with no further obligation, retain any monies already paid, and no longer assist the “Client”. All fees and expenses associated  with the picnic booking must be paid in full prior to your picnic experience. “Client” agrees to pay for any damages incurred during the picnic experience, including but  limited to broken items, soiled items, unreasonable clean up, and pet damage. 

If trip travel is less than 10 miles from AirPatio Events HQ, there will be no additional travel fee. If more than 10 miles, the following travel fees will be added to the initial booking fee: $10 for 10 miles. AirPatio Events reserves the right to cancel any picnic requiring travel beyond 20 miles, due to time constraints.


AirPatio Events does not offer refunds for any picnic once payment has been received.  Should the “Client” need to reschedule for any reason, it must be done within seven (7) days of scheduled picnic date. If the “Client” misses a scheduled picnic for any reason, and has not already undertaken to reschedule the picnic with AirPatio Events in accordance with this TOS, the picnic will be considered forfeited and all payments made in connection with such picnic shall be surrendered. 

Should any items used during your picnic experience provided by AirPatio Events be  damaged, AirPatio Events reserves the right to collect charges associated with damage or extra cleaning. You will be sent an invoice for damaged items and expected to pay said invoice within five (5) business days from the invoice date. 

All reservations are weather permitting. Abilene weather is often unpredictable and ever changing. In the event of rain in the forecast, AirPatio Events will strive to accommodate a dry picnic either by moving the location or rescheduling to another day and time. AirPatio Events will contact the “Client” if weather becomes an obvious concern and  impact. If no reasonable accommodation or change can be agreed upon, AirPatio Events will gladly refund the picnic. If the picnic is underway at all, the “Client” will not be refunded due to changes in weather during the scheduled time of the picnic. 


In the event that photographs of picnic experience have been taken and shared online, AirPatio Events reserves the right to use such photographs in its promotional materials.


By purchasing a picnic experience with AirPatio Events, the “Client” agrees to conduct themselves (as well as their guests) in an appropriate manner throughout the course of the picnic. “Client” agrees to the following requests: 

  1. Please refrain from participating in an offensive manner. AirPatio Events boasts a family-friendly environment and we appreciate our “Clients” willingness to avoid any obscene, leud, or vulgar activities while on one of our picnic experiences.
  2. Please understand and abide by the terms and condition of the location at which the picnic will take place. This includes, but is not limited to, excessive intoxication or consumption of alcoholic beverages when consumption of alcoholic beverages is expressly forbidden.
  3. Please refrain from conducting illegal activities while on an AirPatio Events picnic experience. This includes the use and/or distribution of controlled substances.
  4. Please refrain from advertising, selling, or soliciting in any capacity while on an AirPatio Events picnic experience. 

AirPatio Events cannot and does not assure that other participants or other visitors of locations are or will be complying with the foregoing Code of Conduct or any other provisions of this TOS, and, as between “Client” and AirPatio Events, the “Client” hereby assumes all risk of harm or injury resulting from any such lack of compliance. 


AirPatio Events wants customers and guests to feel 100% comfortable. We place your  health and safety as our top priority. All tables, chairs, and containers are  disinfected after each picnic and all rugs, linen napkins, and dishes are washed  before and after each experience as well (as will always be our policy).